TREND: Rainy Day Blues

Finally, the first day that the temperature has actually stayed below 70° has arrived. That sounds like a strange statement, but believe me, many people have been yearning for a deviation from 90° and sunny weather. Day after day of melting from walking down the street and the challenge of continuing to put together a good outfit when all you really wanted to do was throw on those new ankle boots or fall jacket. I confess, I do check the weather as if it were my job and this morning when I saw that the high was 69°, I couldn’t have been happier. The return of my leather jacket was at hand. With lower temperatures and gray skies students around campus were using their boots and jackets for probably the first time this year. Though I definitely cannot say this weather is here to stay, for the forecast says that by Friday it will be sunny and 75°, I can say that it is officially time to start incorporating fall clothes with your summer wardrobe.

Any piece of clothing in denim this summer was all the rage and one reason I love this Fashionista’s jacket is because it isn’t your typical jean jacket, but rather a moto styled jacket in denim. The light hue of the jacket paired with the dark leggings and scarf makes the outfit an ideal transition into fall clothes. A variety of stores have had denim jackets in stock throughout the summer, however they tend to be the button up style. Helmut Lang carries a similar denim jacket to the one this Fashionista is wearing – and it’s on sale! The denim trend is one that I am very fond of. From jackets to oxford shirts to vests, it makes any outfit look casual, yet effortlessly stylish. My go-to denim piece is my button up shirt, which I can throw on with leggings and flats to be ready to go in just minutes.

However, I cannot just concentrate on the denim – the scarf is a crucial piece as well. Scarves are my ultimate accessory and I probably have one that would go with any outfit. They just pull together an outfit so well and fill a space that would otherwise feel empty. Besides the fashion aspect of a scarf, they also are great functionally during the fall as the temperature sways throughout the day, allowing you to adjust by simply taking it off or putting it on. So get excited to open that fall wardrobe and welcome clothes that you haven’t seen for months.

Hint: On days that are a bit warmer, yet have a breeze, look through your closet for a pair of shorts or a skirt that would work well with a light fall jacket. One popular trend this fall is the military jacket, which can work perfectly with jean shorts. Try a military jacket such as this one from Urban Outfitters or one with a longer cut like this Dolce Vita jacket.

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