TREND: Ready for Combat

It is easy to say that the military trend has become a go-to style this year. Fashionistas from New York to England have been seen sporting army greens and khakis. There is no question that Fashionistas will take this trend into the fall, so why not try and bring a new twist? Toughen up your wardrobe with edgier military-inspired pieces that bring a fresh twist to the army trend.

This Fashionista shows off her tough side in a pair of black lace-up combat boots. The boots are an edgy take on the current military trend and a perfect complement to what would be an all-black outfit. To brighten all of the black, this Fashionista layers on a soft, white sweater. The loose knit and sheer quality instantly update it, making it modern and fashionable rather than old and dowdy. Paired with a large scarf, this Fashionista’s look is effortless and trendy.

If this Fashionista’s style inspires you to toughen up your military look, just add a few key pieces to your wardrobe. The boots, of course, are an essential element in getting the same look, so try a similar pair of black lace-up combat boots. Black boots with shiny buckles are another option that will leave you feeling military-inspired. Layer a light-colored, loose-knit sweater over a basic black dress to style the boots like our Fashionista. Throw on a pair of sheer black tights and your favorite scarf, and you will be ready for combat.

Hint: When the weather gets colder, feel free to wear your army jacket with the boots for a full military-inspired effect.

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