TREND: Rebellious Royalty

Yes, spring semester is here, but unfortunately the cold weather is still lingering at the University of Illinois. As your Illini Style Guru, it would only be right for me to help you keep warm in the most stylish way. Yes, it is okay to wear fashionable coats and boots, but no ensemble is complete without the appropriate seasonal accessories. I found this regal Fashionista on her way to the library.

On a campus where wearing orange and blue is most common, our featured Fashionista this week dares to be different, sporting a unique color combination of grey and purple. I must say I love the simplicity of the peacoat because it allows for her winter accessories to make a powerful statement. Her sophisticated coat is accented with a purple knit scarf and gloves, adding a regal appeal. Why, you might ask? After gazing at her attire it instantly triggered something historical in my mind. Readers, did you know the color purple was exclusively worn by royalty due to scarcity? Get this, it was said that only to produce a single ounce of the color purple, 20,000 snails soaked for ten days in order to dye Cleopatra’s majestic attire. I find it fascinating that a single color once symbolized hierarchical status amongst society. Think about how fashion impacts the world. A simple article of clothing at one point in time molded standards for our civilization. So, the next time you decide to accessorize, think about the true significance of the piece because you just might learn something.

Hint: To achieve this look is rather simple. I would recommend focusing on this question: What is going to set you apart from all the peacoat and Northface wearers? My answer to you is simply to accessorize in your own unique way. Try wearing winter accessories with daring patterns and textures. Challenge yourself to be an extremist in fashion!

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