TREND: Recreate A Classic Blazer

Say goodbye to last season’s blah-blah blazer by revamping your wardrobe with a twist on an old trend. Throughout the past year, the classic black boyfriend blazer has made such a profound impact on the lives of many Fashionistas that some are refusing to ditch this item as spring arrives. However, this season, we can look forward to more than simply testing new trends. This season, we have the ability to tack on new tidbits to enhance our everyday essentials. For example, this Fashionista revamps last season’s classic blazer by adding pinstripes to her apparel. She pairs her pinstripes with another print—her pale pink lace tank. Her tried-and-true black skinny jeans allow the other prints in her look to pop, and her brown boots keep a classic component. Although we often cling to classics like simple skinny jeans, or our trusty old brown boots, something about the ambience of spring recharges us and makes us yearn for a sense of self-renewal. Consequently, we often find ourselves looking for ways to reinvent our personal style in the new year. Adding a new component to the classic look of a blazer makes it feel more like a new trend than an old friend–and just in time for spring. Revamping a cherished classic can do just this. It allows us to make an old trend new again, while still gaining the thrill of trying out a new look. A pinstriped blazer can be dressed up or dressed down, worn during the day or at night, and can add a preppy or even edgy component to your look—depending on how you choose to wear it.

Hint: Pinstripes aren’t the only way to spice up an old trend. The key is looking for new textures, prints, and embellishments that will add pizzazz to your overall look. Lace, shoulder embellishments, tweed, and intricate detailing are all great ways to recreate the classic boyfriend blazer. Can’t part with last year’s blazer? Simply add some embellishments of your own—like a vintage broach or pin.

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