TREND: Red All Over

Braving the rain in heels only a true Fashionista would have the guts to wear, I found this modern-day Dorothy running errands just outside of the McGill bubble, in an area called the Plateau. She may not be walking along a yellow brick road accompanied by a man made of tin, a lion, and a scarecrow without a brain, but this week's Fashionista rocks those cherry red, pointy toed heels like no other.

Staying true to the summery casual-chic vibes that seem to have swept all of Montreal, she wore a flowered summer dress that contours her body (notice the charming buttons?). Think classic sixties summer dress, "Mad Men" style. She modernizes and gives her look a little more edge with a cropped baby blue denim jacket. To accent her fabulous pumps, she went for a chunky necklace and an across-the-body leather purse, both matching her shoes in the exact same shade of fire engine red.

The true Dorothy Gale would have finished the look with white ankle socks, but this Fashionista goes daring with crisp and chic white tights. If you aren't too much into colour, a completely black and white ensemble also looks great with a pair of white tights. An alternative to the tights and heels combo, especially if you live in an area where summertime is synonymous with bare-legs, is the sock-and-heel trend. Although the look hasn't quite been completely embraced by everyone, the daring new trend is a completely new take on the Wizard of Oz get-up, and is guaranteed to turn heads.

Hint: This look is all about accents. Find bags and shoes in similar shades, and pair them with similarly coloured accessories. As for the perfect pair of red shoes, vintage shopping is the key. Although, if you're in a spending mood, there's always Marc Jacobs.

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