TREND: Red, White, and Beautiful Wedges

Can you hear the fireworks or smell the burgers on the grill? Let’s pay tribute to the good ole USA: it’s the Fourth of July. While we relax with some ice-cold lemonade, we should remember this holiday is all about declaring one’s independence. So, put your best foot forward! Now, do not go reaching for those white curly wigs our founding fathers proudly wore. Unless you are in a play or a reenactment, love for your country should not sway your judgment enough to make that fashion faux pas. Instead, grab a pair of white wedges. Unlike other summer heels, wedges are very comfortable and a quite easy to walk in. When walking across the lawn for a burger, you won’t have to worry about getting your heels stuck in the grass.

Ready for a day out shopping or Fourth of July festivities, this Fashionista wears America’s classic colors. Keeping in style with a high waisted red skirt, she wears a white tee and a statement necklace. She is able to avoid looking like a walking American flag by choosing two colors to showcase (red and white) and using her necklace with navy accents to round out the ensemble. To achieve her patriotic outfit, take a look at these white wedges and then add a high waisted red skirtbasic tee, and this necklace.

Hint: Invest in some comfortable wedges or espadrilles for this summer. Everyone needs a stylish shoe that helps them stand out and a little taller this season. But, with so many espadrilles out there this summer, you should definitely do some research online or in stores. Who knew the research skills you honed in class were going to help your shoe collection?

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