TREND: Red, White, & Blue

The Fourth of July is an American holiday that means different things to different people. It is the day America celebrates independence and freedom. We find this celebration to be full of fireworks, family, food, and fashion. Every one of us looks forward to this day because it means we get to take a day off of work and come together and celebrate. Due to the fact that the Fourth of July is during the summer, the weather is streaming out sun rays that can be a little harsh on our bodies.*

The trend of the week for Fourth of July is printed tanks with boyfriend fit shorts. Fashionistas can add their own personal touches, such as Ray Ban sunglasses, beaded necklaces, and large sun hats. The mixing and matching creates the attitude and personal expression for every outfit on the Fouth of July.

Another look would be the traditional red, white, & blue. You can never go wrong with those colors. Fashionistas can choose the particular shades of these colors. For example, a sky blue blouse and an ivory colored trouser shorts. This Fashionista shows off her white sundress with a brown leather belt from Nordstrom.

Shopping gives Fashionistas the opportunity to mix up different styles, designers, and prices. Many of the summer fashion trends can be found at various places with different pricing.
Here are some recommendations for Fourth of July fashionable wear:
• Not-so-Basic T-shirts from American Apparel
• Floral skirts from Forever 21
• Platform Sandals from MICHAEL by Michael Kors
• Beach Bags from Target
• Accessories are tailored to the particular outfit (metals, beads, lace, etc) and can be found at a number of local vintage shops, boutiques, and Saturday Markets. Jewelry shopping in hard-to-find places is a guarantee that all of your friends won’t be wearing the same accessories.
• Jackets & Sweaters from Urban Outfitters

*Remember to drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen.

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