TREND: Red, White & Tribal

?With Fourth of July right around the corner, we at College Fashionista are working to showcase the best possible collection of style divas in order to provide great ideas for the upcoming holiday weekend. I came across this Fashionista getting ready for a night out on the town, and I was struck by her mix and match of styles and colors. This outfit is truly an example of keeping it simple and spicing it up with accessories and footwear. All my friends seem to be obsessing over wedges these days (as the "sensible" shoe), so these red (how festive!) cork wedges seem the perfect choice for the weekend. As we all know, wedges are far more comfortable than most high heels, making them another favorite for a celebratory barbeque or a family get together where we find ourselves standing most of the time. The large statement necklace and the layers of bracelets give her accessories a tribal feel, which ends up really completing the outfit and giving it a unique quality. Although the red beads complement the shoe color, I’m glad she didn’t overdo the matching aspect. Personally, I would have never been courageous enough to choose these mixtures of colors: pea-green/grey pants combined with red heels, but I think her experimentation with these contrasting colors looks fantastic. I also want to note the high waisted pants: such a great choice. She does well with dressing them down, obviously aware of the fact that the high waist look reinforces a great hourglass shape.

Hint: Bop’s trendy Desert Tribes has a lot of great tribal themed accessories, including the Zuba Africa Coral Bead Necklace Set and Dannijo’s Sari Necklace. At Art Gecko on state, the whole left wall is lined with an assortment of tribal necklaces and bracelets (not featured on their website), so definitely check that out if you are interested. For cheaper finds, Forever21 features their Enamel Tribal Bracelet and feather earrings.

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