TREND: Pay Me in Plaid Please

Plaid is always a favorite for the fall season. All different color combinations and sizes appear everywhere you look. Thick or thin pattern designs, bright or muted colors schemes give you a nostalgic feeling of winter in the air, which brings along the urge to cuddle up in a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate.

Throwing on a plaid shirt is an easy way to continue this trend but today’s Fashionisto takes it one step further by adding a plaid hat which has contrasting colors to his button down shirt. This Fashionisto did not just stop with his flashy headwear; he added a stonewashed denim jacket, dark wash denim jeans, and bright retro 80s style sneakers.

I was intrigued by the conflicting color schemes, which really were not conflicting at all after taking a longer look, this outfit is a statement. His shoes pick up the orange in his shirt, and the navy blue in his hat. The outfit is made harmonious by the cooling colors of his denim jacket and dark jeans; this pulls his outfit together and makes it work.

Hint: If you are searching for places to find a quality plaid shirt, Urban Outfitters has a variety of colors and patterns that should suit your liking. The hat is up to you, if you dig the contrasting plaids play with different colors schemes and patterns such as this. The sneakers are totally up to the wearer I really liked how our fashionisto correlated all the colors together to create one color scheme, but if you wanted something a little more subtle but still having a pop of color, here you go.

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