Boston University isn't the typical school-spirit haven. We don't have the typical Michigan University cook outs before a football game or Georgetown basketball craziness. There isn't much emphasis on sporting events except for one exception – hockey (which I don't mean to brag, but we are pretty good at).  

Because of this, Fashionistas choose to wear our color (something I talked about last week!) – red. This Fashionista looks stylish and school-spirited in her red top matched with black accents and an awesome pair of ripped shorts from LF. 

Other then the obvious school spirit, I'd like to take a second to focus on her shoes: a boot oxford. Perfect to work with socks as this Fashionista did, but also can work with skinny jeans, a dress, stockings or whatever the Fashionista chooses to put on in the morning. She found them at Aldo on Newbury St., so I took the internet and found three more similar, affordable options on Aldo, as well. 

1) The Eisinger 

2) The Hinsey

3) The Dellamore 

These shoes add an edge to style to any outfit – even a typical hockey jersey and leggings, (the go-to outfit for the games), and make it even easier to change for the trek into Allston after.  

Good luck BU hockey and to all my Fashionistas/os! 

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