TREND: Rethink The Poncho

When it comes to mens apparel the boundaries for experimenting reach certain boundaries. Although I am a believer in the preppy oxford sensibility I think there should be more then just bow ties and cardigans in a stylish man's wardrobe. I found that exact hint of flavor when this Fashionista was outside jamming his guitar outside the FIDM courtyard. It had a rock star flare circa Woodstock but it still feels current and put together. The poncho is what I adored the most because it was the perfect addition to the regular staples of skinny jeans and plaid button up. The bandana just managed to be the literal cherry on top.

Playing around with proportion, pattern, and accessories completes and outfit to look fresh and all your own. Since spring is arriving lets defrost and find a way to keep style less lukewarm but exciting. Come on boys lets rethink the poncho.

Style On,


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