TREND: Retro Autumn

Fall is here! Anyone who has been living in the District the past week knows that the leaves are falling and the temperature is dropping. It's that time again for Fashionistas to start busting out the darker colors and heavier layers, and this Fashionista shows that she knows exactly how to do it. I love her mix of fall colors; the black high-waisted pants are nicely complimented with the trendy gray and white striped silk top. The outfit demonstrates a perfect mix for fall. The silk top keeps a lighter feel, while the wool pants and sweater keep her warm in the windy D.C. autumn weather. The best addition, however, are the bright eye-popping red flats as a flattering final piece and they perfectly contrast with the the darker hues in the outfit.

What truly makes this Fashionista's outfit is her retro-chic look, with a mix of trendiness. The high-wasited pants, wayfarers and pointed shoes are reminiscent of a savvy New York girl from the 1980s. Yet, her use of a gorgeous bold, blue necklace and the trendy top make a truly adorable and chic look, following modern style. She exhibits the perfect trend for fall: retro with a bit of spice.

Hint: This week, transition away from brights into darker blues and grays to kick off that fall weather mentality. Add that little bit of individuality with retro styles similar to this Fashionista and use red to compliment your darks!

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