TREND: Rockin’ Bootie Fur

After seeing more frequent glimpses of the sun, I've been seeing more frequent glimpses of lighter apparel as well. Because there's less and less need to hide out in your Northfaces, many are opting to wear more trendy clothing with spring flair. From leather jackets to sportier jeans to fur booties, they're all coming out. 

This Fashionista has the entire package. She goes for a comfortable yet edgy look with her zipped hoodie underneath her leather jacket. For the same leather look, this Kenneth Cole military leather jacket is a steal. Although it's a bit on the pricey end, it's worth every penny. If you want an even more casual feel, this leather aviator jacket from ASOS is another great way to mix comfort with chic. This Fashionista also accessorizes her ensemble with a white leather satchel which is a great contrast from her black leather jacket. This Rebecca Minkoff satchel is to die for, but for a more casual look this Urban Outfitters canvas satchel is a great alternative.

However, her booties are what tops off her outfit. They have a slim fur trim around the outer edge which really accents her jeans. Although her booties are unique, Michael Kors has a similar pair of fur trimmed booties for a very reasonable price. If you want to go all out with the fur, these Manolo Blahnik booties make an even bolder statement and will most definitely be the highlight of your outfit. 

Everyone loves to mix and match their outfits. And a great way to do so is to rock your leather jacket with your own personal flair. This Fashionista spices up her leather outfit with her own unique fur booties. So live and learn Fashionista/os, and rock whatever you wear!

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