TREND: Rockin’ the Classic White Tee

There are many things that can go wrong when wearing a white T-shirt. You usually end up spilling spaghetti, drizzling coffee, or smudging dirt, and at the end of the day there's always a blemish. However, you can never actually go wrong with a white tee when it comes to style. Everyone knows they're a classic and definite item on a must-have list of clothing articles alongside the little black dress. 

This Fashionista embraces simplicity. She decides to rock her white tee with a simple button up shirt, leggings and studded heels. To find a similar button up shirt, this khaki waist jacket from Banana Republic is a simple yet trendy option. These Jeffrey Campbell Lita heels have been all the rage this season as well and they would look great with any outfit. Now, when it comes to the classic white t-shirt, there are hundreds of ways to rock your white tee. To make things easier, I handpicked just a couple of options that would look fabulous:

1. the classic cape shirt by Nicole Miller

2. the classic chiffon blouse from Urban Outfitters

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