TREND: Rockstar 101

Fashion inspiration can find you in the strangest places. This Fashionista found me while I was eating dinner, almost obscenely clad in sweats and UGG boots. Of course my dowdy laundry day outfit paled in comparison to her chic rock star throwbacks. But embarrassed as I was to have left my house looking like a church mouse, I could not let her out of my sight without asking for her picture.

One of the best parts of reporting for CollegeFashionista is the flattered reactions that I get when I approach fellow students and explain that I'm not a random stalker, I just think they look amazing. This Fashionista was no different. She looked great in her slightly toned down rock star ensemble. Her knee-high boots and leather jacket gave her a motorcycle edge, while her structured top kept her looking feminine and fanciful.

To get this Fashionista's flirty rock star look, start with the basics. After you've got your leather jacket and boots, counteract those hard edges with a fun and flirty top or dress and garnish with some whimsical accessories. ModCloth has an amazing array of fun earrings, necklaces and rings that have the power to carry any outfit all on their own. Any combination of their available merchandise is likely to help you make an amazing fashion.

Hint: One of the main things that caught my eye when I spotted this Fashionista was her jet black hair. Her deep, rich colour helped to set off her super black duds. Changing hair colours isn't for everyone, but celebrities haves shown us time and time again that a new hair colour can drastically renew your look. In the last year alone, Rihanna has taken her hair from black to blonde to bright red, and I think we can all agree she looked amazing at each stage. If you're serious about taking that big step, talk to your hairdresser about what shade would work best for you. Chances are you'll end up with a new colour and a new look that leaves you feeling like a style goddess.

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