TREND: Salute your Wardrobe

The military fashion trend has come and gone, but this fall it's back in full-force and is offered in wardrobe selections form head to toe.

One of the most inspirational military wardrobe items is the military jacket. These jackets and coats are a classic addition to the fall and winter wardrobe year after year. From brass buttons to cargo pockets and structured collars, these uniformed jackets are a great choice for a polished look. Today's Fashionista is showing off her olive green military jacket, featuring both cargo pockets and brass buttons. Military fashion is typically restricted in colors and comes from a strict pallette of mostly greens, neautrals and grays however this year fashion designers are taking a different route. Many military fashion pieces are now available in blacks, blues and even leather.

Stemming from a masculine look, designers such as Marc Jacobs have amped up the femininity this year showcasing military fashion in new light. Pairing your military jacket with skirts, ruffles, leggings, or accessories such as waist belts can help create a more feminine look. This Fashionista addeded a feminine touch to her military look by choosing a jacket that accentuates her waist line with a belt.

Military fashion is an easy and affordable trend that can be worn either casual or formal and can be paired with almost anything. Just dont forget to add your feminine touch!

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