TREND: Satin

Now that everyone is back in B-town and the weekends have come, it’s time to put your new purchases into good use! If you’re like me, then I’m sure you bought way too many outfits for going out, but I mean they are worth it. One thing that caught my attention in the stores this winter break, was satin and sparkles. Whether it was blouses or skirts, I had to buy one. I caught this Fashionista before she went this weekend, and loved her satin skirt paired with ankle booties. Her headband and tights resemble the many adored Gossip Girl characters, with her skirt adding a bit of color to the ensemble. Her simple black top helps the skirt stand out, giving her all the attention. What also caught my eye were her bangs. Bangs have been coming and going for years now, but this Fashionista seems to make them work. Looking for a new going-out dress? Try this satin one from Pitaya!

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