TREND: Savvy Comfort for Fall

We all know the feeling: it's a Monday morning and you look outside to see a cold, rainy morning and the last thing you want to do is dress up. While many girls find it easy to stay comforable in a pair of leggings and UGG boots, Fashionistas around campus have been opting for something a little different this season. Your best bet to looking savvy in the unpleasant weather is staying comfortable but not lose your trendiness. This Fashionista shows how you really can do both. With the easiness of high waisted pants and a cotton T-shirt, I love how she threw on an oversized, gray wool sweater to add a bit of style to her look. With big sweaters recently circulating fashion blogs as a trend for fall, finding the best one and style to wear it is the key. I also love how this Fashionista rocks hers with a black top and black studded oxforts. The brown bag also adds a nice festive tone, culminating a perfect outfit for fall.

Hint: The great thing about wearing big sweaters is being able to wear anything with them. One trend I've particuarly grown to admire is wearing a big sweater over a vintage dress, intricately designed tights and combat boots. Or, you can even opt for strutting a big sweater with black leggings and a pair of leather thigh-high boots if you're not feeling up to wearing a dress in the morning! Nevertheless, don't let the dull weather get you down and stay comfy in your most savvy outfit!

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