TREND: Say Goodbye to Summer Boldly

Labor Day is summer’s last hoorah, Fashionistas, so pull out your summer's finest and celebrate like it’s 1999 (in July, of course)! This Fashionista, however, was celebrating summer in a much more retro way with her vintage, button-down t-shirt and khaki shorts; her look is very 1960s and perfectly summer-chic. A printed button down is the epitome of retro and cool enough for summer weather; however, if this Labor Day is a bit chilly, you can wear this shirt with pants or a sweater over it. If button downs aren’t your style, you can still wear this trend with just a regular t-shirt or sweater with a fun, bold print. Whichever way you wear a fun printed shirt, it will be the perfect end to your summer wardrobe, and let you go out with a bang!

Thrift stores are the best place to find a unique printed shirt; this guarantees that you will be the only one on campus with your particular shirt, and you have more of a chance of scoring a vintage find! Although it may take some searching, thrift stores often have some really fun, interesting pieces amongst their racks, and at a great price. This Fashionista found her shirt at her local Salvation Army for $5.99. This Fashionista also embodies our Taking Ivy contest. The 60’s were filled with bold prints worn in a subtle way. Her red and white patterned shirt paired with smart looking shorts and a classic sneaker give this Fashionista a classic on-campus look straight from the past.

Hint: If your local thrift store is lacking, head to the nearest city. A city will have a larger selection from more diverse backgrounds!

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