TREND: Schooled in Structure and Silhouette

I can't stress enough how the right mix of structure and silhouette can really make a look. This week I caught up with this Fashionista and fellow fashion blogger who demonstrates how.

A soft, animal print romper (another popular trend this season) over black tights with a woven print make up the main attraction, but what polishes off her streetwise look are the details. Her denim vest that she wears loosely hung over her shoulders have just enough body to add a bit of structure to her look, especially in contrast to the soft, light material of her romper. Wearing the vest open the way she does leaves the look tastefully casual. Her black box bag from H&M is another great touch. Instead of opting for a regular slouchy leather bag, the small box with an extendable strap almost adds another dimension to her outfit. Her trilby hat tops off the look. I love hats because they subtlely but effectively manipulate a silhoutte by giving petite girls a little more height while showing off their spunky attitudes.

Do experiment with vests, especially now that the summer weather is starting to cool down a bit in preparation for the fall.

Hint: You might be surprised at the simple effect of zipping or buttoning up your vest in comparison to leaving it open. For a more structured and "tougher" look, get a button-up vest in a slightly harder denim like this piece from Topshop. For a more casual, girl-next-door look, try true blue soft denim like this Helmut Lang vest.

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