TREND: Seasonal Snoods

To me, the perfect way to complete an outfit is with a scarf. Whether it is functional, fashionable or both, it is the perfect accessory to finish a look. I am almost always seen wearing a scarf and when I am lacking one I sometimes even get questioned, “Where’s your scarf?” from friends when in passing. As Thanksgiving approaches and many of us are heading back home to colder climates we must leave behind our D.C. appropriate clothes and accessories and be sure to pack cold weather gear. Though this time of year is supposed to chilly, the temperature can be dodgy and vary greatly on a day-to-day basis and when packing for home you can’t exactly bring a large variety of jackets with you. However, there is a solution. Yes, scarves. Scarves are compact making it possible to pack lightweight fashionable ones to thick knitted ones that will be sure to keep you warm even when in a light jacket.

This Fashionista’s thick snood, or more commonly known as an infinity scarf, is the perfect balance when combined with her lightweight jacket. One second you can be chilly walking through the shade and the next over heated in the sun, but with a quick removal of a scarf you can adjust your body temperature. Snoods are ideal when compared to a normal, open-ended scarf for they do not blow around awkwardly when in the wind; they provide maximum warmth and can be worn with such ease. This Fashionista created her own look by pairing brown boots with light washed jeans, which is a unique combination. She incorporated yet another one of this season’s popular trends – the military style  with the green hues of her shirt and jacket. It all comes together to form a relaxed, yet put together look.

Hint: This identical snood can be found at J.Crew, however for more options be sure to check out Topshop’s wide selection, varying from solid colored knit ones to floral patterns.

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