TREND: Seasonal Sweaters

There is nothing that says the holidays are here quite like chunky wool sweaters. With a reputation for being worn by grandmothers or as pieces that you would purchase at a thrift store for an upcoming tacky sweater party. Not to mention they hardly get the credit they deserve in terms of being seen as fashionable and sophisticated. Just like any outfit formation, making wise choices are necessary to enhance the piece you want to stand out most. If you have something that is patterned and on the bulkier side on top, choose a fairly muted and more subtle option for the bottom. In doing this, you will always look perfectly groomed and put together.

I spotted this Fashionisto in the holiday spirit sporting a plain black crew neck tee, mineral wash skinny jeans and a sleek pair of black lace-up combat style boots. To top the look off, he adds the main piece, which is a maroon and white snowflake patterned knit sweater. To get the same look, pair a basic black crew neck tee with a pair of denim mineral wash skinnies, both from American Apparel. Add a pair of leather lace-up boots such as these from Dr. Martens. For the sweater, try this navy one from Abercrombie and Fitch or this green one from Rugby. 

Hint: Make even more of a statement and add extra accessories when combating the cold. Not only do they keep you warm, but they also look extremely stylish. I love fingerless gloves from Marc by Marc Jacobs.  

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