TREND:: Send a Message

Women have made great strides throughout history. A woman can now vote, go to college, fight in the army, and get a career doing anything she desires. But one of the best ways to show the formerly male dominated world that women will keep bending society’s rules is through a bold fashion statement.

This Fashionista decided to send that message through her boys meet girl outfit consisting of a sweater, which she paired with a collared shirt, skinny jeans, hiker boots, and a messenger bag. The layered blue collared shirt and gray sweater is a popular trend amongst the Fashionistos around campus; however, this Fashionista chose to pair it with skinny jeans. This was a wise decision because while the upper portion of this Fashionista’s outfit was a male inspired fashion decision, she also chose emphasize her curves by wearing a pair of hip hugging skinny jeans.

This Fashionista went on to emphasize her bold look by adding a few key accessories, brown leather hiker boots and a matching messenger bag. These leather boots are a great addition to any look and I recommend getting a pair from DSW.  I have also been seeing a lot of Fashionista’s wearing messenger backpacks around campus, and I recommend getting this oversized purse which can hold all of your books from Zappos.

Overall, this look is daring, but it is a female fashion step in the right direction. In case, you're brave enough to try this look on a sunnier day, simply pair the layered collared shirt and sweater with shorts, these hiker boots, and the unforgettable messenger bag.

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