TREND: Sensational Statement Jewelry

Much of what takes a mediocre outfit to a fabulous ensemble is attention to details and accessories. This Fashionista sports simple slacks and ballet flats but spruces them up with a paint-splattered sheer blue blouse. Her outfit is predominantly navy, but is tickled with vivid shades of pink, yellow, red and teal. She adds a wow-factor with her chunky turquoise necklace, which completely captivated me and successfully tied in the teal specks in her top. The necklace is bold and beautiful but does not overpower the rest of her look. Finally she throws her schoolbooks into a simple and natural canvas tote bag. I love this Fashionista's ability to flaunt costume jewelry without looking gaudy or tacky, but instead appearing chic and classy. Her blouse is modest for class or work but youthful and vibrant enough for someone at the collegiate level. The silhouette and skinny jeans flatter her petite figure, while the all-over navy tones elongate her body.

Follow this feminine Fashionista's trend and flaunt bold, colorful jewerly to add a sparkling touch to your ensemble. Check out '80s Purple or Costume Jewelry.

Remember to keep the rest of your outfit simple and balanced. Find fun blouses at Express or Banana Republic.

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