TREND: Set Sail This Spring

I opened my window this morning and breathed in deeply. I could just smell the much-anticipated change of season coming right around the corner. Pretty soon, to my utter delight, spring will have sprung! I don’t know about you, but I feel as happy as a bird with a French fry that my winter wardrobe can soon be put aside for brighter and lighter pieces. I daydream about feeling the sun on my skin and even being completely cliché by lying on the grass of the quad while listening to Jack Johnson on my iPod. I also have the feeling that I am not alone on that one, either.

While peering out across the quad today and looking forward to my typical college student move with the coming of spring, I spotted a Fashionista who was definitely embracing the impending season.  She is seen sporting a nautical striped top and a sleek and sophisticated khaki jacket, which she says was an H&M find. She is also wearing a pair of dark wash jeans, as well as chocolate brown lace-up boots that offer a vintage feel to the ensemble. To tote her books across campus in style, she has a navy blue Longchamp bag, which was an item she picked up on a trip to France. Overall, her ready-for-spring look is perfectly preppy and chic as can be.

Achieving a look akin to this week’s Fashionista is simple and has several options. A similar striped top can be paired with high-waist shorts or even a floral skirt for a trendy combination of pieces. As for footwear, the popular Sperry top-siders or a pair of seersucker sneakers from Urban Outfitters will leave you stepping like a sailor! So while you are building up your closet to prepare for warmer temperatures, take inspiration from this Fashionista and take to the seas this spring.

Hint: To complement a preppy and sailor-esque look such as this, a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses could do just the trick while blocking the stronger rays of spring.

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