TREND: Shabby Chic

Excuse the title, I am definitely not implying that today’s Fashionista looks shabby. She’s just an amazing example of the “shabby chic” aspect in fashion. It’s a phenomenon that brings up ideas of Scarlett O’Hara tearing down her drapes to make a one-of-a-kind dress for herself. And an idea that I’m sure will be sticking around in fashion for a long time to come. What’s old is new again, low brow is high brow, one man’s trash is another’s treasure etc., etc. Shabby chic is the impassioned Fashionista’s go-to look for something unique and uncomplicated.

First of all, loved the jeans on this Fashionista. The high-waist and cuff combo is reminiscent of men’s blue-collar work wear from the early 20th century. It looks especially so paired with a rugged boots and a burlap tote. This carry-all sack gets an interesting update with the potato sack-esque fabric. She feminizes the outfit a bit with a blousy top perfect for a breezy spring day. The grommets also add a bit of a tough edge that goes great with the boots. The look is completed with a few simple charm necklaces and two wristfuls of mismatched bracelets- a look that is very in right now.

Hint: Love this Fashionista’s bag? Try this tote from Urban Outfitters for a similar fabric in a classic tote shape. As for her amazing denim? These boyfriend jeans from Levi’s are a slouchier version of a cropped pant that is an absolute must for your spring wardrobe.

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