TREND: Shades by Season (Gorgeous in Gray)

On this side of the world, most of us are right in the thick of fall, what I like to call a "transition" season. Between the extremes of summer and winter we get everything from warmer, sunny days, to cooler, more gloomy ones. And if you're from the Great White North like we at U of T are, you know it's never too early for that first snow! As responsible Fashionistas, this means that we're already readying our closets with winter shades.

This week's Fashionista is on top of those seasonal shades rocking her knit dress in a cool heather gray, which she accessorizes perfectly with a crisp black waist belt. The metal dot detailing is in keeping with the cooler shades, but the design adds just the right amount of fun keeping her ensemble from appearing too severe.

Gray is one of my favorite shades to work with, for one, because it suits the colder seasons, and also because it's such a versatile shade. Think gray blazers, gray trousers, gray boots, gray dresses – and in all kinds of fabrics!

As Fashionistas/os, we know that not only do we adapt our wardrobes to the passing trends, but we also have to make accommodations for the changing seasons. That means a move from lighter to gradually heavier pieces, and a move from brighter to darker colors. This isn't a rule set in stone, of course, but using the calendar to work out our fashion choices is something most of us have come to embrace. In fact, with all four seasons, we get four times the fun!

Hint: Since gray is such a cool shade, tendency is for us to look washed out. I suggest breaking up the gray with a a fun accessory like a belt, scarf, a brightly printed blouse (under a cardigan or sweater), and even makeup! 

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