TREND: Shaggy Chic

With winter right around the corner, combat the cold and dare to be different by throwing on a faux fur vest. This season’s latest trend is one of my personal favorites, because not only is it edgy and unique, it’s extremely versatile—it can be thrown on over a simple white tee and paired with skinny jeans, paired with a flowy floral top for a bohemian chic look or added to many other classic pieces to give your look a fresh and edgy finish. Not only is it versatile, this item will allow you to see the benefits of a true cost-per-wear situation–a real “bang for your buck” (as my mother would say). Its versatility allows it to be worn from the chilly fall months into the colder days of winter, and allows it to be effortlessly incorporated into your spring wardrobe as milder temperatures arrive. A faux fur vest can pull together an outfit in more ways than one, thanks to its’ distinct texture– making it a true staple for this season, and even the next. 

This notable Fashionista demonstrates a way to break the mold by pairing her faux fur vest with a classic black dress, floral patterned tights, and cowboy boots—a unique and unforgettable combination that is sure to stand apart from the rest. This Fashionista’s fur vest takes an ordinary and seemingly neutral item and makes it her own. I encourage you to do the same. The ability of unique pieces–like the fur vest–to allow us to think outside the box in terms of fashion, and to take risks, makes it a truly spectacular staple for this season. The fur vest can not only expand our wardrobes, but also have a unique influence on our personal style, allowing us to to stand out through the seemingly bizarre, yet extraordinary fashions we see demonstrated by this Fashionista.

Here's a link to one of my favorite faux fur vests (might I add– at a great price), check it out!

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