TREND: Shearling Clouds Take Over

The weather is cloudy and it looks like a storm is heading in. This is something very rare to us Arizonians because we rarely see a drop of rain. But, when it rains, it pours, as the saying goes. It’s hard to prepare for such a predicament like ending up soaking wet because of inappropriate attire or no umbrella. When in doubt, go for comfort and casual.

The best way to keep yourself out of the “wet zone” is dressing comfortably in boots so you won’t soak your feet. You can invest in a pair of rain boots, but you’ll rarely wear them so it’s not worth the expense. The better investment is a sweater with faux shearling material on the inside that is as soft as a cloud. It will keep you warm for that after-rain breeze and will give you that comfort you yearn for. You’ll be glad you saved that extra change from the rain boots and sparing an animal by not getting the real deal.

This Fashionista does a fantastic job of pairing her faux shearling sweater with a white v-neck from Splendid and a Burberry scarf. While going for comfort and casual, instead of wearing jeans, she opted for Citizens of Humanity jeggings. Not jeans and not quite leggings, but a combination of both; the perfect duo for those who are leggings lovers, but aren’t so adamant about the typical jean.

Hint: You can add some faux shearling into your life with a sweater from Hinge, or go all out with a pair of UGGs. When you flip the top, it adds a little edge to an outfit by showing some shearling. For a nice pair of jeggings you can try Free People, or Cheap Monday. Just make sure the wash looks realistic and not cheap. To accessorize, a plaid cashmere scarf from Rag & Bone can keep your neck warm.


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