TREND: Show Off with Stripes

It doesn’t take a weatherman to let most of us know that this summer hasn’t started off ideally. In fact, the cold bitter storms, erratic winds, and dark gloomy skies is just about any Fashionista’s worst nightmare. How do you wear a skirt, a dress, or shorts in this type of weather?

I honestly don’t know. That is why I’ve spent the past week looking through the trends that I’d like to see more of, opposed to the ones I haven’t been able to see at all this year. This Fashionista highlights one of theses trends, stripes.

Big, thick, and chunky stripes that feature brilliant colors are one of the most popular trends this summer, and this Fashionista showed off her hot pink and cream striped shirt by pairing it with jeans, a crossover bag, and gold gladiators.

I personally love this striped shirt because it features two colors that aren’t often paired together. The hot pink and cream combination make this look standout, and it can be purchased at ShopStyle. To further emphasize the cream coloring in her shirt, this Fashionista paired her look with a traditional Coach crossover bag and an unforgettable pair of gold gladiators.

I love crossover bags like the one this Fashionista is wearing because they are the perfect size, and you never have to worry about losing it.  As long as you keep it draped over your body, it’ll remain safe.  This Fashionista made another safe choice by pairing her look with a go to pair of gold gladiators. They enhance just about any look, and i recommend purchasing a pair from Aldo.

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