TREND: Show Spirit with Subtlety

Homecoming is all about celebration. This is a time where both alumni and current students can share their love for Duke and their excitement to be back in the action. Walking through campus, it seems obvious that the students here would wish to be nowhere else. The proof is in the swarm of Duke gear that floods the quads daily. However, although I love to see an outfit straight from the Duke store, I contend that there are even more fashionable alternatives to celebrate your school.

This Fashionista showed her spirit in an unconventional way by incorporating Duke blue in a more stylish manner than simply throwing on a "Cameron Crazie" T-shirt. She strays away from the usual tailgate attire (i.e. insane costumes that seem ridiculous to anyone other than Duke students) and instead presents her pride through a bright sundress – one that perfectly countered the Alabama fans this past weekend.

So, show your pride without the T-shirt and shorts look that a great deal of your classmates will be sporting. Your options are practically endless, considering it’s unlikely that blue will ever go out-of-style. Try a simple royal blue dress or a fun, silky tank top to express your love for Duke, even if your clothes don’t explicitly say it.

Hint: Still wanting to rock a T-shirt? Check out the Duke online store for some great options, which includes the ever-popular spirit wig.

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