TREND: Showing Different Spots

It’s an animal print invasion. From ballet flats to skirts, everyone is showing spots these days. While there is the traditional print being worn around town, there are also variations on the natural print. Leopard print, and animal prints in general, are kind of sexy. But, this cartoonish print has a pop-art air to it – more fun and playful. This Fashionista wore an awesome leopard print cardigan with a graphic tee and plaid skirt. The almost-mustard yellow really makes her outfit pop. The juxtaposition between a normally preppy item of clothing with the fun and sexy print is a twist on a plain cardigan. Similar to a leopard print accessory, like these great ballet flats, a leopard print cardigan can be added as a finishing touch to many outfits. This leopard print cardigan is cute and comfy with an inverted pattern. Especially with it getting colder these days, layer on some leopard and let it peek out underneath your jacket. For a little more fun, check out some leopard print patterns that stray away from the natural color scheme. This YARNZ scarf grabs your attention because of the mixture of lace and leopard print as well as the gray, orange and magenta coloring. Or, take a look at this Diane von Furstenberg tunic that incorporates neon lime green into the leopard pattern. Let’s take a walk on the wild side this winter and show some spots!

Hint: Leopard print is best in moderation. Head-to-toe leopard print looks crazy. You don’t want to actually resemble the animal!

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