TREND: Shredded Shirts

The deconstructed, 90’s punk look is super in style right now, and this Fashionista captured the essence of this trend. Her shredded shirt is unique and adorable, with a hint of grunge; it’s the perfect mix of cute and edgy. Although designers such as Rodarte and Raquel Allegra have featured the shredded look, it is easy and cheap to do at home!

First, take any cotton t-shirt and cut the bottom off, a little above the seam. Next, pick the area you want to shred; you can do certain strips like this Fashionista, or you can do the entire back of the shirt, or even just the sleeves. Starting at the edge of the area you want to shred, start pulling the horizontal threads loose, like this. You can either use a seam ripper, or your fingers for this. Continue pulling the threads down, and soon the shred will resemble a run in nylons. Repeat these steps wherever you want on your shirt! You can find other online tutorials with detailed pictures here.

Have fun with this look, Fashionistas! Soon, you’ll find yourself trying to shred every shirt you own.


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