TREND: Simple Streetwear

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, we are bound to have many reasons and occasions to dress to the nines. The period from Thanksgiving to New Year's gives us all an excuse to break out our classiest winter pieces and dress more formally than we usually would. However, there is something to be said about the lull before all of this, specifically the period in-between Halloween and Thanksgiving where there isn't much happening. This time allows us to let our guards down and not have to be so outfit conscious and picky. It is a much needed break coming at a perfect time, right before the whirlwind and hype of the holiday, where we can dress on a more casual and basic level without feeling underdressed or guilty. 

I spotted this Fashionisto looking effortlessly cool in his casual wear, combining a pair of fade wash jeans with a tan patterned tee and an off-black hoodie. He completes the look with a basic pair of white tennis shoes and some gladiator style shades. I am a huge fan of combining patterned pieces with simpler pieces draped over them, as the outcome mixes being subtle and intriguing perfectly without overdoing it. I love the way he has paired a mauve and green patterned tan T-shirt, having the same idea as this one by Urban Outfitters with a simple hoodie (a fall and winter essential no matter how much you love to dress up). Adding jeans with a dark wash and worn style turns the otherwise simple pairing of pieces up even more because they are more unique than a standard pair of plain denim. To get this same outcome, I'd try these by Diesel.

Hint: As it gets even colder out, substitute the tees under the hoodies for even warmer long sleeved flannels. Urban Outfitters as well as popular D.C. based stores such as Major, Stussy, and Commonwealth are all great places to look for the perfect one. 

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