TREND: Simplicity for Males

For the past week all Fashionistas could think about was one thing: New York Fashion Week. How could we not? Women’s Wear Daily and The New York Times Style and Fashion sections tweeted like crazy, which made it easy for Fashionistas everywhere to keep in touch with the themes for the spring. One thing that popped up and stuck out on my newsfeed was the Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 line. Always genius, this spring’s line included many stripes and bold colors, but also involved an overall theme of simplicity. Though this line is made for the spring, the theme of simplicity in fashion can be used in Fashionistas’ wardrobes all year round.

Modeling this theme and keeping things simple, the Fashionisto here exemplifies a very classic look. A tailored sport coat, a pair of denim jeans, a simple silver tie, and a matching belt and shoe combination, make this look stand out in a straightforward way. Basic pieces, such as this Fashionisto’s, can be found just about anywhere. For a tailored jacket, check out this corduroy blazer from Urban Outfitters. Pair that with a basic woven button-down shirt, tie, and jeans, and you’ll be prepared for a fashionable day to class or a night out on Kirkwood! A simple, matching belt and shoe combination will add the final touches to a perfect, effortless look.

Hint: Many Fashionistas/os get caught up in trying to follow the latest trends. This can get confusing when one day a certain pair of jeans is “in,” and the next they’re “out.” If you’re a Fashionista/o who gets easily stressed about this sort of thing, chill out! When in doubt, go for simplicity!

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