TREND: Simplicity in Spring

When I walk around campus, I often see trendy girls wearing extravagant outfits; however, a skirt with tights and a lace top, a sequin dress, and standout sandals with a matching cardigan doesn’t define fashion. In fact, a lot of times I believe that less is more, and you don’t have to have the most outrageous outfit in order to be considered fashionable. That is why I often find myself most excited about simplistic outfits.

This Fashionista is a perfect reminder of how you can make your outfit speak for itself by adding a couple unique accessories. She merely took a pair of capris, a white top, flats, a bangle and a bag and made an unforgettable outfit.

This white top is my favorite part of the outfit because of its simplicity. While it is a casual white top, it is unique because of its v-line cut, capped sleeves, and elastic band at the bottom. This embellishment allows this white shirt to stand out without the extreme stress of an elaborate outfit. In fact, it is the way the top is cut that truly makes this outfit one of a kind.

This Fashionista went on to pair her shirt with blue jean capris and flats. The simple combination allows the bangle around this Fashionista's wrist and the bag on her shoulder to standout.

Bangles are a key item to have this season. After all, they can add a lot to an outfit. I recommend purchasing them from the Forever 21 Accessories Store. I also love this Fashionistas' bag because the gold embellishment on this pocketed bag helps highlight this Fashionista's gold bangle.  You can find similar bold bags from the Buckle.

This look could be worn to class (without heels), to work, or even down town Iowa City. I personally think it is the perfect way to show up simply ready for finals.

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