TREND: Skirts with Pockets

When I go shopping, I ask myself before I buy any item: When would I wear this? It is the universal question that every girl answers before they make a clothing item or shoe purchase. We sometimes need to be assured that we will wear whichever item more than one time. Girls want to be able to look sexy and feel good. Lately, I've noticed that the new lines of dresses and skirts have deep pockets for added comfort. It gives us the option to go out without a clutch. Maybe we just need to hold our keys and cell phone? Pockets in our clothing are the best solution for an easy night out.

Ladies, we all know that feeling sexy and being comfortable is a hard task. It takes a long time to find that "perfect" dress, skirt, and heels. Sometimes it can take years! But, we all know that once we've found that absolutely perfect clothing item, we'll never let it end up at the back of out closet. This week's Fashionista shows off one of her favorite outfits: sequined tank, black knitted skirt (with pockets), and black stiletto heels. She believes her personal style comes from the same outlook I just shared with you – the better you feel about yourself, the sexier you are. Now Fashionistas, I'm not saying go out right now and buy an expensive outfit because you think you'll feel good. I'm telling you that those hard to find items can come from any apparel store, whether it is from Ross Dress For Less or Saks Fifth Avenue.

My new favorite skirts this week:

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