TREND: Sleek Chic

On every campus, there are those lucky few with a personal style so distinct that everyone knows who they are. Some people are gifted enough to have a firm grasp on how to express themselves through fashion, and because of this, people take notice. This Fashionisto caught the eye of one of our Style Gurus last fall and he's continued his fashion reign since. 

I had to stop him again when I saw him walking through campus last week. What drew me to him was the fact that even though the temperature had plummeted, he found a way to keep warm without burying himself under layers of cotton. With a simple sweatshirt and scarf, paired with a contrasting T-shirt and skinny jeans, this Fashionisto created a look that was fresh, stylish and fashionably daring.

My favorite part of his look however was his city worn boots. They helped add character to his ensemble and created a focal point.To get this Fashionisto's look, stay on the simple side and wear a bold scarf with an understated jacket. Wear a plain T-shirt underneath to create a color contrast and you're done.

Hint: Heavy boots might not be your thing, but a quirky watch can be just as effective as a fashion focal point.

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