TREND: Slouchy Separates

Layering is a key technique to use when you want to instantly turn a few classic pieces into a whole new, unique look. This clever Fashionista knew exactly what she was doing when she threw on a bright, quirky cardigan over a grandpa-inspired sweater vest. The idea of taking two buttoned-up garments and layering them was a brilliant way to look adorably, and surprisingly, undone. She completes the look with a pair of cuffed linen shorts and vintage lace-up boots. Oh, and the graphic laptop case is as cute, if not cuter, than your typical handbag.

My favorite aspect of this look is how comfortable she looks despite how great her outfit is. Our fashionista is a perfect example of how you don’t have to suffer for style. Fashion is an entity that can be incorporated into our daily lives with ease and adjusted to fit our unique lifestyles. It’s a common misconception that fashionable people spend all day and night trying to look a certain way, but true style doesn’t happen that way at all. It’s a more natural display of our unique tastes and preferences.

My second favorite part about our girl’s outfit is the fact that the sweater vest came from a Clothing Swap. This really should be an event that happens more often. With all of the hype these days on being green and our bad economy, a swap is a perfect way to recycle and save money. And scoring an amazing piece of clothing or two doesn’t hurt, either!

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