TREND: Smart Young Gentlemen

There is nothing that upsets me more than encountering a guy who doesn't know how to dress. Worse still, is a guy whose definition of 'well dressed' includes 'exclusive use of a particular brand name'. While I enjoy designer clothing, I am not heavy into brand names. I prefer to go the singular route and wear clothing that reflects my personal style and flatters my body. That's why I'm always so impressed when I spot a Fashionisto with some ACTUAL FASHION SENSE. It is so refreshing to see young men who know how to dress themselves, and can manage to leave their houses looking classy and respectable.

I spotted this Fashionisto and had to take his picture. He was so well matched with his coffee colored sweater and shirt and his brown pants. The personal touches he made by rolling up his shirt sleeves and leaving his last button undone, gave his outfit a creative personal flair. I was very impressed that a college aged Fashionisto was able to dress so well and come across looking like such a smart young professional. Hats off to other young men of his caliber.

Hint: Fashionistos can add some sophistication to their outfits by wearing an ascot tie. You can never go wrong with a properly selected ascot.

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