TREND: So Not Boring Scarves

"It's cold out, put some more layers on!" Those have been my mom's words every year when winter comes around and I try to ignore the weather conditions and step out in something fashionable. Putting on an ugly hair flattening hat, or ruining a look with a bulky marshmallow coat has never been my thing. I guess I value style over practicality and comfort. But oh well, that's why I'm a fashion major!

When I saw this Fashionista outside of the Starbucks on Kirkwood, I was immediately impressed by the collegiate cozy look she was sporting for a daytime coffee run. The showstopping peice is the really modern oversized circle scarf that she wears around her neck. Without the scarf, it could be just another cute schoolgirl look, reminiscent of the prepster clothes in Ralph Lauren Rugby. But the Urban Outfitters Eternity Scarf and the vintage wayfarer style glasses add a hipster touch, adding some unpredictability to the outfit. Her oversized boyfriend sweater looks straight out of a 1950's pep rally, and keeps her warm while balancing out the short mini skirt. She wears a black mini skirt with opaque black tights and UGG boots, keeping her legs warm and appropriate for the weather conditions. Her black leather slouchy boho bag doesn't distract from the outfit, and offers a stylish alternative to a backpack for carrying books around.

Scarves are a great way to stay warm but play around with texture and color while doing so. As seen on this Fashionista, circle or eternity scarves are a twist on an old classic. Wear it around your neck for a laid back casual look, or pull it over your head to create a chic hood/scarf hybrid. Also, tie silk patterned scarves to brighten up old handbags. Choose a scarf with an interesting print or hue, and loosely drape it on the bag or tie it around the handle. The third way to wear scarves is in your hair. Wear either as a headcovering Grace Kelly style, or as a headband for a hippie boho look. However you wear your scarf, whether to stay warm or be stylish, remember that you can accessorize it many ways!

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