TREND: Something Big, Something Borrowed

Dressing down can sometimes be quite a feat for those of us who don’t do so on a regular basis. With a wardrobe not comprised of UGGs (though they may be comfortable, they're not the most fashionable) and loungewear, throwing on a “lazy day” outfit to match our mood for these gloomy post-break January days can be a bit difficult. Sometimes putting on pants and structured boots are the last thing I want to do, and it is obvious some days that the majority of campus thinks so as well. However, seeing people rock the lazy day outfit without wearing UGGs can be somewhat rare; that is where this Fashionista stands out amongst the crowd around campus. Though she is wearing a sweatshirt, her brown, lace-up, combat boots paired with faux leather leggings with just a bit of her socks peeking out make her outfit different than many. To be honest, not many leather-like leggings are seen on a daily basis around campus, but they are an easy way to completely change the look of an ensemble to make it look more unique. Going back to her sweatshirt, the oversized fit of it complements the tight leggings on her bottom half. This Fashionista “borrowed” this sweatshirt from her brother, which is a great way to achieve the oversized look without having to go out and buy a new item. To finish it off, her cozy knit scarf keeps her bundled up when enduring the icy weather.

Hint: If you can’t sneak into your brother’s room any time soon or don’t have a boyfriend to borrow a sweatshirt from, venture into the men’s side of stores more often. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you’ll find. Specifically, J.Crew has quite a good selection; I have known girls to find sweatshirts and even pullovers that they have fancied. Try this zip-up sweatshirt, or if sweatshirts aren’t your thing, this pull-over half-zip sweater. But in the end, the ultimate way to vamp up your lazy day outfit would be to ditch your UGGs and invest in a pair of relaxed leather boots. Check out these combat boots to try something new.

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