TREND: Sparkle and Shine at Any Time

Sequins and sparkle make everyone stand out. For me, items with glitzy grommets are go-to pieces for nights when I want to make an impression. However, this Fashionista proves that glitter needn’t be reserved for post-sunset parties.

Instead of throwing on the typical, oversized Boston University hoodie for lazy weekdays, try donning a blinged-out sweatshirt like this Fashionista did. While her top would be adorable for a night out when paired with studded heels and leather-paneled pants, she combines it with casual leggings and boots to lend her classroom-attire a glamorous edge. Accessorized with studious glasses and her oversized school bag, she is prepared to hit the books in style.

Looking for other ways to incorporate shiny party pieces in your everyday wardrobe? Try mixing your favorite sequined miniskirt with a tucked-in denim button-down, subtly patterned tights and oxfords. Keep jewelry minimal – think stud earrings and a simple watch. You don’t want to overpower your glammed-out skirt.

Tone down a sequined blazer by wearing it over your favorite basic sweater and casual coudoroys. Slip your feet into a pair of lace-up boots and pull your hair back into a low-maintenance bun, and voila! Instant glitz appropriate for any hour.

By adding a little sparkle into your class-time clothing, you will undoubtedly be the best-dressed Fashionista in all of your lecture halls. Hey – maybe you’ll even shine as much on your assignments as you do while walking down Comm Ave.

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