TREND: Sparkle With The Fireworks

With the Fourth of July vastly approaching, I know many of you Fashionistas are like me and can't wait for the annual fireworks. Looking at the wild, proud style people flaunt for the holiday, it seems difficult to stand out. While most Fashionista/o's are usually clad in comfortable patriotic themes, this year try and add a bit of chic to your routine. Instead of wearing red, white, and blue, opt for a sparkly top that shows your American pride. I love this Fashionista's sparkled Haute Hippie Cropped Top that would truly stop a crowd. Classy sequins on any top would make your outfit for the holiday pop out, just like this affordable sparkled cardigan. Also, with the clog trend back in style, I love how this Fashionista fuses her sky-high heels with muted black jeans, which draw attention to the cut of her top. Although clogs have made their way back into the fashion scene, I'm always a fan of wedges for a comfortable day look. Following the trend, I love these Diane Von Furstenberg clogs in black for a day of shopping in Soho or a day in the Met with a cute sundress that would be perfect for a night of fireworks!

Hint: With a theme like the Fourth of July, it is sometimes difficult to keep the classy-factor in check, but to add a bit of America to your look for the holiday, try Jungle Red lipstick for a patriotic flare without having to worry about feeling tacky about following the holiday theme!

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