TREND: Spot-On Accessories

Temperatures are in the negatives, fifteen inches of snow lies on the ground—and let’s not mention those blustery winds. While we rarely get excited about venturing out in this sort of weather, we often forget the endless opportunities we have to accessorize when temperatures plummet. Let’s not forget our options—we have an array of scarves, hats, mittens, beanies, beautifully-constructed coats, delicately-detailed boots, headbands, legwarmers, and even earmuffs to choose from everyday before we brave the cold. Winter provides us with endless opportunities to accessorize, yet we rarely consider how much of an impact accessories can have on even the most drab outfit. After all, the colder it gets, the more we must bundle up, and the more difficult it may seem to look chic. This Fashionista shows us a way to pair that seemingly boring heavy-duty winter coat with exciting, prominent accessories, (like a leopard-print scarf) to jazz up your outfit and make it stand out—and just when we had given up on being fashionable in the frigid in climate weather. She pairs her knee-length black puffer jacket, black leggings, and knee high black boots with a leopard-print scarf, a vibrant electric-blue beanie, and a bright cherry-colored satchel. Leopard print is a great way to jazz up any outfit that is primarily black, and the extra splash of color that the beanie and bag provide make her outfit much more exciting and eye-catching than It would otherwise be. This Fashionista perfectly executes her use of leopard print, by limiting its’ use in just one of her accessories–allowing it to stand out and make a statement next to her primarily black wardrobe.

Hint: There are endless ways to execute the use of leopard print. However, remember that the most important thing is that the leopard-print stands apart from the rest of your look. To ensure that your leopard-print has an impact, avoid wearing too many convoluted prints when incorporating it into your look.

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