TREND: Spring Break Stylin’

The classrooms are empty, the hallways are echoing with silence, and the streets are deserted. It's official – Spring Break has commenced. Everyone has fled to hundreds of different places around the world for a week to refresh, restart, and hopefully get tanned. All of you are ready to leave your stress and worries behind but you should still have one concern. How should you look effortlessly casual, collected and most importantly, vacation-ready? 

I caught this Fashionista on her way to run some last minute errands before she went off on break. Fortunately, she was looking great and totally prepared to soak up some sun. Because there was a slight morning drizzle in Boston, she draped a shearling jacket over her classic white T-shirt and skinny jeans. Shearling jackets have been very in this season and they're an awesome way to stay warm and fashioniable. Juicy Couture's Shearling Leather Jacket is an item you have to have in your closet, as well as this White Aviator Shearling Jacket from ASOS if you want a different and brighter vibe to your outfit. These Hudson Blackburn Signature Skinny Jeans would look amazing if you paired it with the shearling jacket as well. 

But what really makes her ensemble scream "spring break" is her colorful, printed scarf. Wearing a tropical colored scarf is a fabulous accessory to throw on before you head to the airport, bus station, or train station. Here are a couple of choices, for either comfort or style, that you can wear to really get into your spring break mindset:

1. Frida Print Floral Scarf from Marc by Marc Jacobs 

2. Tickertape Sky Print Scarf from Madewell 

3. Campbell Printed Modal Scarf by Diane von Furstenberg

4. Miami Beach Printed Silk Scarf by Versace 

So adorn your necks, wrists, feet, and basically your entire body with any vacation-ready, floral printed items. And come back with a bundle of memories and exciting stories to tell. 

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