TREND: Stand Out in a Crowd

Concerts and festivals are typically big events filled with excitement, bright colors and large groups of people. Instead of trying to dress to match the event, with over-the-top outfits and crazy looks or boring jeans and frumpy T-shirts, coordinate a straightforward and effortless look by having only one or two details that pop. The Fashionistas in the pictures featured to the left and below each follow this trend. Although the Fashionista on the left is wearing a simple gray dress and flats, her outfit pops with the gorgeous flower detail and studs along the neckline (her flats also have a flower design that goes with the dress)! The Fashionista on the right makes her outfit pop with bold sunglasses and a big watch, while adding more detail with the striped shirt under her tank top.

Hint: Wear flats or comfortable shoes to concerts or festivals like the Fashionistas in the picture; typically events like these involve a lot of walking or standing for long periods of time! 

Check out these outfit combinations for ideas of what to wear to concerts, festivals or other big events:

  • Try this dress (with colorful detail along the side) paired with these sunglasses and simple sandals
  • Or, wear this tank top (with a ruffled detail along the neck and front) and jeans with a small bag to add a pop of color

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