TREND: Street and Concert Style

Although Bonnaroo is now over, Fashionistas in the big apple are still sporting concert-like couture. Clad almost entirely in vintage, I love this Fashionista's loose cropped top and a long necklace along with her vintage Ray Ban sunglasses. While looking trendy, this Fashionista is dressed appropriately for a day in Central Park or out in the street fairs in Brooklyn. I love that the 90's cropped T-shirts I used to pine over on "Saved By The Bell" have made their way back into the fashion world. Looking flirty and carefree, this Fashionista successfully juxtaposes the loose T-shirt with slim fit jeans, allowing a less frumpy (which is far too easy to fall into with such a shirt) and more stylish look.

Hint: Though this Fashionista looks great with the tighter jeans, the hot summer months may be a bit much for paints. Dress the top up with nicer printed shorts, or for the next outdoor concert in 90 degree weather, shoot for cute jean shorts like this light-toned pair from top shop.

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