TREND: Stride With School Pride

For many universities across the nation the fall weather, the start of football season, and the tremendous school pride can only mean one thing: it’s Homecoming week. In high school, Homecoming meant a football game with your cross-town rivalry and a big dance that followed afterwards. For many colleges Homecoming means a packed football stadium, tailgating, heated rivalries, parades with extravagant floats and loving your school…and letting everyone know it. While this is the scene across hundreds of college campuses this week, Loyola’s scene tends to be a bit more demure. There are no floats, no big parades, and no football team to root for during this crucial time. But that certainly does not mean we do not have school spirit. And while other schools are busy watching sports and grilling in their stadium’s parking lot, Loyola students are going about their daily lives – always with a flair for fashion.

This Fashionista is the perfect example of school spirit. While it’s easy to wear a shirt or sweater that simply states your university’s namesake, it’s far more fun to incorporate school spirit into your favorite, fashionable outfit. Her red/maroon tights are perfect for crisp autumn days. Not only are the tights practical, the color screams Loyola maroon and is also a great color to warm up the notoriously cold Chicago weather. Her yellow bag is also the perfect shade of Loyola gold and the two colors paired together are the perfect school spirit combo. With this look, this Fashionista looks great and shows her pride.

Hint: Try incorporating your school’s colors in other parts of your ensemble. Try a fun colored belt or even colored leggings.

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