TREND: Stripe Sensation

 Dynamic, attention grabbing and flattering, colorful stripes are what everyone’s raving about! Spring has just arrived, and just like spring flowers, new looks are popping up everywhere. One of the newest fashion statements I’ve noticed around campus is big, bold, colorful stripes. My favorite part about season changes is that it always means new looks, and this new stripe sensation is one I’m very excited to see more of. I absolutely love this look because it’s fun and flirty, and when you add colorful, bright fabrics to the mix, your outfit just screams springtime. It’s very likely that this new, bright stripe trend has appeared just in time for Miami’s most recent event Ultra Music Festival. Colorful stripes create a retro, free-spirited look which is the epitome of what Ultra stands for.

To get the most out of wearing a colorfully striped top, try pairing it with a solid, pattern-less bottom to help the stripes pop and really stand out. Don’t just limit yourself to striped shirts; skirts, pants, headbands, purses and hats all can be made more intriguing by adding stripes.

Hint: When deciding whether to wear pinstripes or horizontal stripes, keep in mind that pinstripes are slimming and more flattering, while horizontal stripes tend to be less flattering and make you look wider.

If you want to imitate today's Fashionista's stripes try this Painted Stripe Cardigan from Forever 21 or this Bodycon Striped Dress from bebe. Another favorite this Lily White Banded Skirt from Nordstrom! 

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